A Pair of Wins To Start The Faucons’ 2018-2019 Season

The Faucons first game of the season was against Ontario Hockey Academy (OHA), who are also part of the PSHF.

It was a solid effort from both clubs, showing the constitution of the teams and what they will both be like this coming season. The Faucons come out tof the game with a 4-2 victory. Both teams will be seeing each other many times this year.

Les Faucons vs OHA – Game Summary

The second game was against a new team from Quebec, Somang U20, a much older opponent with players of junior hockey age.

The game was all about scoring and that what the Faucons did scoring 8 times to Somangs two goals. A very strong first weekend for the Faucons.

Somang vs Les Faucons – Game Summary

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