The PSHF Championship is Next For Les Faucons

After a sold showing at the January  PSHF All Star weekend the Faucons came into February with a tough schedule against some high level competition.

Their first stop February 1st to 3rd was at the PSHF Showcase at Bishops College where the face four solid opponents.

Day one of the two day tournament brought two loses against Academy A21 (4-2) and despite being up 5-3 versus Victus Academy, the Faucons gave up three unanswered goals, losing 6-5.

Day two was a different Faucons team with a huge chip on their shoulders. They wanted to proves they are still among the top teams in the PSHF. In game one they beat KES 4-0 and then in game two would face Bishops U18 power house who were ranked in Canada’s top 20 Prep Hockey Teams. The result was next to perfect with the Faucons shutting out Bishops 2-0 for the victory.

Beating Bishops for the second time this year was a huge accomplishment for the team, but their 2-2 record for the Showcase was disappointing to the players and coach.

The following week the Faucons headed back to Toronto for the prestigious UCC Barrow Tournament for its third appearance in as many years. Like the previous week, the Faucons came out flat in Day one with two loses Saint Ignatius (6-2) and UCC (4-0).

The Faucons again responded as they did the past weekend with two straight wins Levis (3-2) and OHA (5-0) but failed to qualify for the playoff rounds.

Up Next

The Faucons have a two week break in games to heal up and prepare for the upcoming PSHF Championships March 1-3 in Rockland, ON. Schedule link below. The Faucons hope to be in the top four teams battling for the title as they have in the past three years. The Faucons have two finalist and a semifinalist record in the PSHF Championships since joining the league in 2015-2016 season.

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