Les Faucons Celebrate Their 5th Anniversary Season

The Faucons will be celebrating their 5th year anniversary this season.

The idea of the Le Sommet International Hockey Academy was born in 2013. Coach and Hockey Director of the program Shawn Anderson brought the idea to Principal Anne Laflamme and she immediately loved the idea.

Mrs Laflamme has been recognized on a national level as one of the top 40 principals in the country, so she is no stranger to bringing great things to her school (École Secondaire Publique Le Sommet).

The program was launched in September 2015.

The director of the programs, Shawn Anderson is a former NHL hockey player along with a list of titles in the hockey business since 2004. Shawn has coached and developed hockey players since his retiring from hockey in 2004 along with owning some hockey businesses that strictly focused on helping players and families achieve their hockey goals.

In November of 2015 having had just began the Faucons, along with owning the CCHL Junior A Hawks, he made a decision to sell his shares in the Hawks and put all his focus in the Faucons. That decision was definitely a great one.

One of Shawn and Anne’s proudest aspect of their program is the 100% graduation rate achieved by its players since 2015- 2016 season. This aspect is a non-negotiable item for players and parents.

If you play for the Faucons ,then plan on graduating. Being a young program, the Faucons are yet to see any of their players in the professional ranks but there are a few original Faucon Alumnus that need mentioning:

  • Graham Denomme (2015-2017) is currently playing  NCAA D3 Hockey at Elmira College.
  • There are currently 30 plus Alumnus still working on getting to the NCAA by way of the CJHL (Canadian Junior Hockey League) which are all listed on our Faucons Alumni Page.

This yeat’s version of The Faucons have many new faces this along with many of its returning players. Like all previous years, the Faucons have created a balance in their team with solid players at all three positions. The official team roster can be found on our team link. The Faucons get started this weekend with their first games at Westlake Bourget College Showcase. The Faucons 2019-2020 Schedule is posted on the website.


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