Les Faucons Get In The Win Column At Ridley

The Faucons headed into this weekend’s Tiger Cup Challenge at Ridley College with a 0-5 record. The Faucons were looking to add a few wins and get there team play in order. The Ridlely College Showcase is renowned to host top prep schools and give all the teams a tough challenge throughout the weekend.

The Faucons had a tough Schedule with games against St Francis, Ridley College, Loyola, Compuware and Blyth Toronto.

The first game of the showcase was a big treat for the boys, as it was played at the 5000 seat Meridian Center where the OHL’s Niagara Ice Dogs play. Les Faucons played a solid game in all areas of the ice to deliver a 3-2 win against a very hard working opponent.

Game two would be their toughest opponent, host “Ridley College”. Ridley known for their high skills and tenacity brings a challenge to any team they face which usually ends in their favor. But not this game. The teams battled to a 0-0 tie with only 14 shots delivered on each net. Unfortunately the Faucons came up short in the deciding shoot out and would take the loss.

Game three was against Loyala and after the tough shoot out loss, the Faucons came out flying delivering a solid 5-2 win and an overall solid performance.

Game four would start with the Faucons dominating their opponent, Compuware for the first five minutes have puck procession four of those five minutes. Then the wheels fell off, as the saying goes! The Faucons had a huge let down and their opponent would take over the rest of the game and deliver an embarrassing 5-1 loss. The lack of team support in their play and the ability to make good decisions was the reason for the poor result.

In game five the Faucons would recover and deliver a solid 2-0 win giving them a 3-1-1 record for the Showcase.

There was some solid interest in some of the players from the Junior scouts which was a good indication on things to come for the team.

Next up for the Faucons are two games this coming weekend vs OV Wolves and Andre Gasset. The following weekend October 11-13 the Faucons head to Boston for their first league PSHF Showcase.

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