The Ulysse Showcase A Tough Wake Up Call For Les Faucons

Going into the Ulysse Showcase, the Faucons had only 1 regulation loss in their last 14 games, but they were about to face some of Prep Hockey’s best teams (Ulysse, Richmond, St Mike’s and Academie St Louis).

The showcase started off solid with a high scoring win vs Ulysse 6-5. A day later, things got a little tougher with a disappointing loss to Richmond 3-0 where the Faucons did not bring their A game.

St Mike’s would also not turn out in the Faucons favor even after taking a 2-0 going into the final period. St Mike’s would tie it up and get the win in OT. St Mike’s would go on to win the tournament which the Faucons have placed finalist twice in the last three years.

The final game (Consolation Game) against Academie St Louis didn’t go well, as the Faucons would have a short bench because of injuries and would loose 5-1.

This weekend was a good reality check for players to understand you can’t take any game or team lightly just because you are on a winning streak.

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