Clearly-defined guidelines will help ensure the safety and well-being of all participants

Our day-to-day routine has been altered by COVID-19, and hockey has not been immune. Le Sommet International Hockey Academy is committed to providing Return to Hockey resources to ensure all players are prepared be on the ice as safely as possible.

These guidelines will take players and parents through how to prepare for hockey, hygiene, return-to-play protocols and the use of facilities.

1: What do I do if my child tests positive for COVID-19?

Keep your child home and out of the hockey environment. It is also important to communicate with your physician and public health authority, ensuring you follow the steps identified.

2: What if a parent/family member tests positive for COVID-19? What protocols do we follow?

If a parent or family member tests positive for COVID–19, the player and their family will need to stay out of the hockey environment. They should contact their physician and public health authority for instructions. The player will need a note from their physician or public health authority to return to play.

3: If someone on Les Faucons tests positive for COVID-19, will the team be allowed to continue to play hockey?

If someone on our team tests positive, public health authority guidelines will determine contact tracing and isolation requirements. It is possible, therefore, that one diagnosis could lead us being required to pause hockey activities until the public health authority determines it is safe to return.

4: What if my child is sick but does not have COVID-19?

The player should follow up with their physician and the public health line. They will require a note from their physician to return to play.

5: What should I do if my child is exhibiting signs of COVID-19 but has not been tested?

The player should remain out of the hockey environment and contact their physician or public health authority for required steps to be taken. The player will require a note from their physician or public health authority to return to play.

6: Should players/parents/coaches wear masks entering the facility and dressing room?

It is recommended anyone entering the facility should wear a cloth mask when physical distancing cannot be followed (it may also be required by the facility). Continue to monitor public health authority guidelines specific to wearing masks.

Wearing a mask alone will not prevent the spread of COVID-19. You must consistently and strictly adhere to good hygiene and public health measures, including frequent hand washing and physical distancing.

7: Is it a requirement for all individuals, regardless of their age, to wear a mask in the facility?

It is important to check public health authority information on masks. Currently the Public Health Agency of Canada recommends cloth masks not being placed on children under two years of age, on anyone unable to remove them without assistance or anyone who has trouble breathing.

8: Can players and teams store equipment at an arena? Will there be designated dressing rooms for each team?

These rules vary from facility to facility, but to avoid any confusion or problems, LSIHA will be storing all their equipment in a trailer, but players will be required to take care of their own equipment given the circumstances.

Dressing rooms will be disinfected and assigned to teams for each tournament/showcase/game. Players will also be spilt into 2 squads, each to play 1 period of each game. This will allow LSIHA to maintain physical distancing between players regardless of the facility and the size of their respective dressing rooms.

For further information and/or questions, please contact Executive Director Shawn Anderson by email at