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The Faucons are heading into the NAPHL Showcase in Toronto this weekend with a tidal wave of momentum. While they have only lost 5 of their 28 games this season, their current 15 game winning streak is the talk of the prep school hockey world.

“Streaks like this don’t come around often,” said head coach Shawn Anderson. “It’s great to have such positive results, but we need to remain focused on continued improvement as we continue on this stretch.”

No stranger to having a team get settled too early in a season, Anderson still thinks there is room to improve.

“There is always room to get better. Sure, it’s hard to gauge when you’re this successful, but the players already know what they need to work on, without much intervention from myself or the staff.”

One area the coaching staff cannot deny is rock steady is the team’s goaltending. With an average goals against of 1.5 goals per game, the offence knows they don’t need much to be on the right side of the win column. Still, with an average of 4.28 goals per game, the players know what they need to do.

“Pedal to the metal!” exclaimed Anderson. “That what we preach and the boys respond in kind.”

The team was led last weekend by associate head coach Austin Gaspar while Coach Anderson was absent, bringing home two solid victories vs Cornwall Jr Colts 5-1 and 6-0 respectively.

The Faucons have eight games remaining before the Christmas break and look to hopefully close in on the 30 win mark. The Faucons best season ever was 37 wins in a season and look to shatter that record this season.

Faucons games this weekend will be on Live Barn so check them out.